Offering a wide range of financial services, including investments, estate planning, and mortgages, to assist you in making sound financial decisions for the present and the future.

Our Services

At Sheila Tarr IFS, we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to secure your financial future and address your unique needs.

 From investments, where we help your money grow strategically, to protection, ensuring you’re prepared for life’s uncertainties, and retirement planning, shaping a comfortable future. We also provide expert guidance in estate planning, long-term care, mortgages, and more.

Our Services

What We Do

We provide expert, independent advice to help our clients make the best financial decisions at every life stage.

We are proud to put our customers first, understanding their aspirations and goals, to provide personal, clear and transparent information.


Helping build you the best plan to prepare for your future years.

Retirement Planning

Advising you on the best way of using your assets to meet your retirement goals.


Personalised guidance, whether it’s your first investment or you have a large portfolio.


Safeguarding families, mortgages and earnings from life’s unexpected events.

Estate Planning

Helping individuals plan who will benefit from the legacy they leave behind.

Long Term Care

Providing a client-centred approach to planning care costs for you or a loved one.

Lifetime Mortgages

Helping unlock the value in your home.


Expert, personal mortgage advice, no matter how straightforward or complex your needs.

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